Emerging Adult Counseling

Whether you are a college student, graduate student or making your journey toward being independent from your family, this transition can be difficult and is accompanied by many unique stressors. I specialize in the issues of young and emerging adults and can help you build a life full of what is important to you.

Family Dynamics Work

As adults it can often be a struggle to understand and make sense of how profoundly our families affect our lives. These relationships often change in ways we may not be prepared to process. In my professional experience, I have supported many individuals on their journeys to creating meaning from these experiences and managing these relationships effectively.

Relationship Effectiveness

Whether you've been through a devastating break up, divorce or struggle with your friendships, I specialize in walking alongside side individuals who are motivated to create and nourish happy and healthy relationships in their lives.

Stress Management

In today's society, work stress can often look like a badge of honor, but for some it can be extremely depleting and lead to fatigue, anxiety, and burn out. I'm have extensive training in mindfulness, relaxation and other techniques to allow you to feel more in control.

Anxiety Management

You often find yourself feeling nervous and unsettled. Sustaining this feeling for long can be exhausting and confusing. I can help you discover what underlying causes there may be for these feelings as well as strategies for feeling more like yourself again.

Depression Recovery

When you feel depressed everything is ho-hum. It's as if the weight of the world is on your shoulders and you're buckling underneath. Perhaps you find yourself isolated, lonely or unmotivated. I can help you discover what may have led you to this place and work with you on a path toward relief.