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Private Practice Consulting Services

Everything You Need to Build the Practice of Your Dreams!

Private Practice Startup Group Coaching

Waitlist now open!

This group is intended for mental health therapists who wish to build their practice from the ground up or take a part-time practice full-time.


Enjoy a structured high value group with Q & A, brainstorming, business consultation and  fantastic private practice resources.

A more cost-effective strategy to get the benefits of consulting services with Cathy while growing with others.

The Startup Group Includes:

*4 Group meetings every month, for 3 month commitment

*Exclusive Facebook group 

*Business resources & templates

*Discount codes, business referrals and more!

**Want to build your business with friends? Help fill the group and receive a reduced rate on your 1st month!**


Are you overwhelmed by the logistics involved in starting a practice? Anxious about taking a misstep?

Are you paralyzed when considering where to even start?

Don't worry, you were not trained in this in grad school. I'm confident you are a fantastic clinician, now I can help you become an entrepreneur too!

You don't have to do it alone!

I have immediate availability to support you.

Get Results!

Benefits include a faster, easier & streamlined start to your new practice, on demand answers to your questions. 1:1 consulting meetings tailored to your unique needs.

Packages include virtual & confidential consulting services with Cathy.

You don't have to do it alone!

Therapy was not meant to be practiced alone and neither was building your practice!

That's why I've created this space for wellness providers just like you!

I learned through my own mistakes, research, trials and tribulations that there is so much to consider when it comes to building your practice.

It's enough to make your head spin!

Through these experiences, I found a passion for mentorship within my community of wellness providers so clinicians can feel confident and competent as business owners.

I don't want you to learn the hard way like I did. That's why I'm with you every step of the way!

Others have done it, when you will you start the practice you desire? I have immediate availability for new clients. Reach out today!

Therapy Office

Package 1: Private Practice Foundations & Launch

Get your practice from just an idea to building your foundation together!

Includes 8 individualized sessions

+ Cathy’s exclusive resource library 

Sample agendas include:

Preliminary practice startup assessment

Practical steps in business setup such as incorporating your business with your state & considering your options

Paneling with insurance & submitting claims

Devising practice policies, fee setting & practice systems

EHR setup

And more!


Package 2: Streamline & Launch Your Practice with More Support

A practice from scratch to launch fast!

Includes 12 individualized sessions & FULL access to Cathy’s exclusive resource library. 

*Option to "double up" sessions for 2 hour+ intensives to accomplish more in less time!

We can start from scratch together and make your practice a reality!

Benefits include time for deeper dives into your website copy and design, psychology today profile/website/therapy den profiles, identifying your ideal client or niche, marketing and filling your practice, practice systems, practice policies, practice processes, exploring your practice’s values, mission and more!

Work Desk
IT Consulting

A La Carte Consulting

"As needed" sessions tailored to your agenda and current needs.

Agenda can be set ahead of time, at start of session or collaboratively to ensure results.

*Cathy’s exclusive resource library available for purchase separately


Have 1 or 2 burning questions?

Book your session today!

Private Practice Startup Group 

Waitlist Now Open

This group is for clinicians who wish to build their practice from the ground up.

A more cost-effective strategy to get the benefits of consulting services with Cathy while growing with others.


The Startup Group Includes:

*4 Group meetings every month, for 3 month commitment

*Exclusive Facebook group 

*Business resources & templates

*Discount codes, business referrals and more!

**Want to build your business with friends? Help fill the group and receive a reduced rate!**

Team Meeting
Office 9.jpg

Waitlist Open

Already launched your practice?

Do you desire community as you maintain, grow

or scale your private practice?

This group is here to support you in your new role as


You are invited to join myself & other private practice owners in this group exclusively created for you & your peers.

Private Practice Owner's Group includes:

1. Open Q & A

2. Ongoing accountability

3. Brainstorming

4. All levels of support, including clinicians from around the US!

This group is intended to offer support whether you are:

1. Still in transition to your private practice
2. Maintain a part-time practice  -OR-
3. Are fully entrenched in the private practice world working full-time as your own boss!

Private Practice Owners' Group


"Cathy helped me identify areas in need of growth, access financial resources, create practice forms, access resources for networking and making my practice into something that works best for me. I found this to be extremely helpful and valuable. Thank you for everything!"

Allie / Licensed Clinical Social Worker

"I was feeling lost, alone, and not really sure what to do to get going. Cathy was helpful in answering my questions and providing encouragement."

Betsy / Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

"I highly recommend the coaching services that Cathy Ranieri offers for starting a private practice. When I reached out to Cathy, I was looking for someone that could provide me with guidance and steps related to setting up my practice. I was lost with where to start. She was able to help me with that and more! She helped me envision what I wanted my business to look like, set up my business, panel with insurance, etc. She is an amazing resource and has so much knowledge. I'm really thankful that I had her to guide me through the process. I'm now 6 months in, running a successful and fulfilling private practice. I have since referred a couple friends to her as well.  If you're on the fence- I highly recommend her! To me, it was 100% worth the investment"

Nikkie / Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

"Cathy guided me through the start up process. She answered all of the questions that were keeping me up at night. Cathy is a direct, clear and kind communicator. I felt more confident and supported as I began my endeavor into private practice."

Marie / Licensed Clinical Social Worker

"Group coaching helped me get my practice policies in order and help me feel confident starting up."

Ira / Licensed Clinical Social Worker

"Cathy helped me with understanding the nuisances with insurance claims, brainstorming payment practices & policies, and providing resources on how to organize and streamline my new private practice. I feel a lot more confident in my practice and feel that I have my mental capacity for my clients now that I have a handle on the business side of things."

Emily / Licensed Clinical Social Worker

"Cathy was reassuring and always made me feel capable. She was exactly what I needed to get through this process with confidence and feeling like I will do well."

Wendy / Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

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